exists to:


the creation and use of standard vehicle classifications in order to improve the consistency of data.


the adoption of connectivity standards between suppliers/service providers from within the auto industry.


with the building and maintenance of any independent points of data collection and aggregation for use by the industry.


national and global standards

Assist, promote, support and oppose

legislative or other measures, proceedings or requirements affecting the automotive industry around technology and transactional data.

Help the Government, the New Zealand Transport Agency

and other bodies to understand the needs of the automotive industry, especially the uses of transactional data at point of sale for best access and efficiency without compromising data security.

Liaise with Government and other bodies

on appropriate access to required and relevant data, and how this can be achieved and managed especially in the context of the Government’s Intelligent Transport Strategy.


the benefits of purchasing within the auto industry dealer networks.

Provide a network

of businesses that that openly share issues, concerns, successes and failures with each other in order to improve the overall position of the automotive industry.



Registered Motor Vehicle Trader operating from a physical motor vehicle dealership premises.

Aftermarket Suppliers

Independent entities that provide aftermarket service & repairs for the automotive industry.

Corporate Industry Providers

Entities that provide automotive industry related services to Dealerships or Aftermarket Suppliers

Individual Industry Professional

An individual that has been invited by the Committee, or nominated by an existing Member for Committee approval, with automotive industry knowledge, expertise, experience that can provide value to the Society and its members.

Corporate Members