NAITA's membership classes consist of the following:

  • Dealership Membership
    - Any entity engaged in the business of buying, selling or leasing Motor Vehicles in New Zealand, being a Registered Motor Vehicle Trader operating from a physical motor vehicle dealership premise.
  • Aftermarket Membership
    - Any independent entity that provides aftermarket parts, servicing and repairs in the Automotive Industry.
  • Corporate Membership
    - Any entity that provides motor industry/automotive industry related services to any such Dealership Membership of Aftermarket Membership as defined above.
  • Individual Industry Professional Membership
    - An individual that has been invited by the Committee, or nominated by an existing Member for Committee approval, with automotive industry knowledge, expertise, experience that can provide value to the Society and its members.

In each case the entity/business is the member of NAITA and an Authorised Representative is provided to act on behalf of the entity.

Download a copy of the form here